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^: Why would write "Whatever" and then delete it??? Jan 16, 2015 21:36:55 GMT -5
Abby: That was an accident. I was scrolling and I guess I hit the X. It's really weird on moble while veiwing desktop mode. Jan 20, 2015 5:18:48 GMT -5
Deleted: I think I might have just recruited a bunch of people onto this site. Woops. Jan 20, 2015 5:41:30 GMT -5
Deleted: Um.... I have some bad news. I'm leaving the site for good. I just don't have the time anymore. I'm so sorry. I've been so busy and stuff and I will miss this site. Jan 20, 2015 6:04:56 GMT -5
Abby: Can someone delete my account? I'm having trouble logging in. It's saying something about having upgraded or linked my account and it won't let me login with my username and password. Jan 20, 2015 14:25:12 GMT -5
Abby: Tab telling me to use my email but when I try that it's saying that a username should not contain any special characters. Jan 20, 2015 14:25:49 GMT -5
Deleted: NEVERMIND. It was just something with my phone. Nothing is wrong after al. Jan 21, 2015 20:36:42 GMT -5
Deleted: all* Jan 21, 2015 20:36:47 GMT -5
Deleted: Hi everyone.... Mar 5, 2015 0:58:13 GMT -5
Abby: Or not. Mar 17, 2015 3:31:39 GMT -5
Ponyo: Dude, if this site's been inactive for so long, why isn't the site owner taking it down? It's like they've given up or something... Mar 29, 2015 7:59:21 GMT -5
Abby: I don't know.... I don't thin the site owner even gets on anymore. Mar 30, 2015 2:00:43 GMT -5
LadybugTikki: Does anyone still get on this site? I want to get into rp and you guys seem cool and all but it seems pretty dead. I've been coming back to this site for the past week and it seems that no one ever gets on... Feb 1, 2016 2:51:53 GMT -5
Anonymous : No, it's dead Apr 13, 2016 11:51:25 GMT -5
Anonymous: Sad to see this site be totally dead after seeing how it was four years ago. But i guess that's what happens when the owner gives up and one person basically kills it for everybody and now this site sucks. Here's to wishing this site a wonderful deleting May 19, 2016 14:51:24 GMT -5
Liha: What do you mean one person kills it for everyone? I just thought it was dead because of the time. What happened? I just wanna rp somewhere cool and this seems pretty cool. Sept 12, 2016 23:26:46 GMT -5
ShadowNight: Its not dead! This site still has untapped potential! Dec 27, 2017 4:02:43 GMT -5
Fell: Hmmm... Dec 27, 2017 9:20:07 GMT -5
ShadowNight: I hope everyone has a great day today :D Dec 27, 2017 16:05:17 GMT -5
lol whut: What happened to this site? Now we have a shitton of spam posts lol. Damn this site went downhill fast Mar 7, 2021 16:33:06 GMT -5
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